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Data is at the heart of your organisation. It is a reflection of the world as seen by others. We believe that to control and exploit data your people must understand your world and have a mastery of tools, techniques and disciplines.

Everything we do is focused around that belief. We create courses to provide business knowledge, data skills, governance capabilities and foster collaboration. We provide certifications to attest to attainment and create confidence.  We provide tailored consulting services to help you focus on areas that are crucial to your organisational or personal development.

About EDMworks

EDMworks was founded by experienced Data Strategists, Architects and Governance specialists with deep experience of leading transformational change across large, complex global organisations. At the core of their ethos is a passionate desire to empower people and enable organisations to improve engagement with ALL stakeholders by better management of data. Their belief is that data lies at the heart of organisations and that a joined-up approach to dealing consistently with data will produce a more efficient, insightful, effective and lower cost organisation.

EDMworks seeks out the best talent and expertise available in the industry and brings that talent to our client base in the form of training programmes, consulting assignments and thought leadership workshops and seminars.

25 Years of Industry Expertise

We have built global data platforms supporting trillions of dollars of assets, crafted small specialised systems to provide outstanding business intelligence and trained thousands of people to be more effective at managing data.

We have learned that people make the difference between success and failure which is why our focus is on developing both individuals and organisations so that collaboration generates the outcomes you want.

Internal skills and capability assessment and development Development of data management training programmes for enhancing existing capability or induction of new staff.  Data is a part of most people's roles these days so programmes are tailored for data, IT, operations, risk, finance, compliance, audit and other group functions.
We have many examples of regional and global roll-out of data management and governance training programmes.
We have trained staff with internal and external skills and competence verification certifications.
Development of industry standard data management training We work extensively with leading organisations and user groups to create industry recognised qualifications that will enhance data management skills and practices. 
Our Data Practitioner Programme is one example of industry approved certification.
Advisory for Data Strategy. Architecture and Governance Every organisation has unique perspectives, strengths and weaknesses.  We provide advisory services to help shape strategies, architecture and implementation programmes to ensure they are appropriate to the organisation and will deliver the desired outcomes.
Design and implementation of data platforms for regional and global organisations Working with senior management and end users to envision, design and build complex multi-region data platforms to support multiple business and regulatory requirements.  Typically this involves:
  • Design and build of of core data repositories
  • Special emphasis on creation of master data management capability for core data sets to ensure robustness and foundation for future expansion
  • Specification and development of ETL models and related scheduling and control programmes
  • Business Intelligence, management information and web site delivery based on underlying data platforms
Development of industry standard data models Through our experiences of working with clients in different sectors we have developed and implemented industry standard data models including:
  • Investment management including institutional and fund management
  • Insurance including premiums, claims and reinsurance
  • Custody
  • Investment banking and prime broking
  • Retail banking and investments


We have worked extensively with clients across the finance and regulatory sectors in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. A partial list of our clients includes: 

Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal bank of Canada

TD Bank


Barclays Bank

Northern Trust 

J P Morgan



Blue Bay


Goldman Sachs

Standard Life




Thomson Reuters

Lloyds Bank


Legal and General Assurance

Legal and General Investments

Royal London

Guggenheim Partners

The World Bank


Mastery is our goal. We have succeeded when your organisation has the right people with the right skills and knowledge delivering the right results.

Mastery can be expressed as five steps. Ultimately this leads to the professional capability to examine complex situations and apply knowledge, skills and experience to create innovative solutions.

1. Basic Knowledge Delegate describes a role, function, rule or concept from memory. Role and functions of issuers and investors. Major asset classes. Data subject areas
2. Basic Understanding Delegate can use knowledge in guided practice on learned skills Describe main processes and data in a firm. Explain high level relevance of tax law to firms.
3 Applied Understanding Delegate can apply knowledge and skills in Experiential Tasks Maps Thomson Reuters and Avox data to issuer data structures and processes. Creates new exception handling
4 Real World Discovery Previously understood concepts can be applied to other situations Integrates disparate asset class data into a meaningful managed master data set.
5 Global Integration Understands multiple systems, delegate synthesizes new products. Builds on integration to innovative processes to launch new products quicker/cheaper

Approach to Training and Assessment

EDMworks Modular Program 

Modules are self-contained units of study which are delivered through eLearning, live courses and workshops. 

Assessment is a key part of the program as it allows delegates to formulate a personal action plan that will lead to achieving mastery level. This learning program involves assessment of competence, skills and knowledge. Learning will be delivered through a combination of: 

• Applied practice 

• Coaching 

• Experience 

• Training 

• Support and advice   


QA is an on-going process integrated into the delivery of each module. 

EDMwork’s is responsible for monitoring learning delivery and assessment practice both internally at client’s workplace and externally through EDMwork’s verifiers. There must be valid, authentic and sufficient evidence for all assessment criteria. We ensure optimum delivery and assessment consistency of our qualifications through: 

• Management systems 

• Maintaining records 

• Assessment records 

• Internal verification 

• External verification 


Assessment is achieved by a process of documenting, in measurable terms the development of individual learning. EDMworks uses Learning Management Systems which provides individual records of progress, targets and achievement. For modules where competence is being assessed methods include: 

• observation of performance and products from the work environment 

• professional discussion with delegate 

• witness testimony/questioning/interviews 

For modules where skills and knowledge are being assessed: 

• oral and written questions 

• assignments 

• case studies 

• accreditation of prior learning 

Delegates will be assessed on completion of portfolios of evidence and questioned by their assessor on relevant underpinning knowledge. Completed portfolios will be internally verified in addition to being verified by the awarding body’s External Verifier.



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