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The world changes so organisations and people have to adapt. More data has to be managed and more skills, processes and controls need to be developed.

We provide specialised consultancy services targeted at helping you and your organisation attain the mastery of the data that matters to you.

Tailored Training to Support Your Internal Programmes You know where you want to go and need help creating, executing or controlling the programme.

We have extensive resources you can incorporate into your programmes to help get them off the ground quickly and reliably.

Developing material, training trainers or doing the work for you are all options. 
Data Strategy and Architecture Realistic and workable data strategies and architecture are rare. Many strategies are too complex, simple or just not appropriate to the organisation.

One size does not fit all so it is important to develop strategies that are technically viable and fit with the culture, values and strengths of your organisation.

Our extensive experience in tailored made strategies and architectures makes us your ideal partner. 
Data Dictionary and Inventory Support Regardless of your chosen strategy or architecture, one component that will underpin every programme, regulation and customer engagement is your enterprise approach to data dictionary and inventory.

What data do you have? Where is it? Who is accountable for it? These are critical questions that you must answer.

We have in-depth expertise, courses and vendor relationships to get you up and running quickly and in the right long-term direction. 
Policies, Governance, Risk and Compliance Creating policies in isolation is easy, but pointless as it usually leads to more pieces of paper (or emails) that people simply do not have time to read and digest.

We have expertise to help create policies and controls that join up with strategy and architecture to make for a more transparent, digestible and effectively managed environment.


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