Joined-Up Thinking Videos

Joined-Up Thinking Videos

Engaging, Insightful and Informative

This series of seven short, high-quality videos shows the process of data flowing through an organisation - in this case, a bank - and some of the mistakes that can happen along the way as well as some of the costly consequences of those mistakes.

The entire process is shown, from the data being taken at the branch level, to finance and risk taking different approaches when handling the data, to IT manipulating the data, to the regulator reviewing the errors in the data, right up to the director having to deal with the consequences of his organisation's poor data management.

Each video begins with an introduction by Dennis Slattery, CEO of EDMworks, before moving on to show an all-too-familiar scenario featuring key personnel who, being faced with the occurrence of bad data, decide not only to fail to rectify the error, but, in many cases, proceed to compound the error further!

Something for Everyone

The videos are fun and engaging, offering a good balance between being informative and being easy to watch, making them perfect for anyone who needs to get started with an overview of best practice for handling data (such as new employees or existing employees not yet briefed in the necessity of proper data handling procedures) while also being a great resource for the more experienced and knowledgeable staff who want to brush up on the core issues perhaps with a view to reviewing and improving their own organisation's data management operations.

The chapter headings of the videos are as follows:

0) Joining Up the Dots
1) Getting It Right at the Point of Entry
2) Overworked Risk Decide on One Path
3) Prudent Finance Take a Different Path
4) IT Doctor the Data
5) The Regulator - Judgement Day
6) The Director Strikes Back

To give you an idea of what the videos are like, you can view the first video in the series below. Just click the video to be redirected to our Vimeo channel where the video is hosted.

If you are interesting in purchasing the videos either for yourself or your organisation please contact us using the details below.


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