The EDMworks Data Practitioner Network

The EDMworks Data Practitioner Network

Thought Leadership

Life is constantly changing and throwing up new challenges. People create strategies and solutions relevant to the challenge as they perceive it. There may be many other diverse views about the nature of the challenge and even more opinions about how to address it.

We learn and grow by seeing how other people see the world and deal with opportunities and impediments to progress.

Data lies at the heart of most organisations so we need effective forums around data where we can share perceptions and learn from the experiences of our peers.

The EDMworks Data Practitioner Network

The EDMworks Data Practitioner Network holds regular events addressing important topics and bringing together people with leading industry experience. The events are a great opportunity to listen to fascinating insight on the modern developments in the industry through talks given by expert speakers.

Our events are free and open to everyone. There are limited places available so we give priority to our regular users of courses and eLearning solutions.

The talks are followed by a networking session that includes complimentary drinks.

Some Previous Events at the Practitioner Network

For examples of the agendas for some recent DPN events please take a look at the following links:

April 2016 DPN - Entity Data Management: Strategic Options and Approaches
June 2016 DPN - The Next Game Changers


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