GDPR Key Facts

GDPR: Key Facts

An eLearning module addressing the following issues:

- Data protection law has undergone a major overhaul which creates new rights for people and has major implications for organisations needing to satisfy those rights and avoid regulatory sanctions

- GDPR is one of many pressures that organisations must respond to create trusted relationships with stakeholders

- The effective management of data about people is central to building trust and complying with regulation

This course provides an overview of the the new regulation, its key features, supervisory structure, roles & responsibilities and sanctions.

This module is part of the EDMworks Data Management Agenda for Privacy

Completion of the course will provide the delegate with the ability to:

- Explain the reasons for the creation of the GDPR

- Explain its context within the overall challenge of managing data about people

- State the content of the reform package and the implementation dates

- Describe the scope of organisations impacted

- Describe the scope of data that it covers

- List the key rights it grants to users and employees

- Explain the roles of Data Subject, Data Controller and Data Processor

- Describe the rights and obligations a company has for processing and storing data

- List the penalties for non-compliance

The course is structured into the following components:

One eLearning course segmented into two modules. The contents of the modules are described in Course Contents below.

Each module consists of:

- One eLearning self-paced interactive video

- One downloadable PDF file containing the course slides

- One downloadable voice transcript

- One self-assessment test enabling the delegate to assess their understanding of the module

Duration and timing

The overall duration of the course is 30 minutes.


This course does not offer an on-line certification. If you would like to obtain one, you can upgrade to the full GDPR Key Facts and Impacts course for a discouted rate. If you would like to do this, please contact us at


There are self-assessments in each module that you can take as many times as you like.

Global availability

The course modules and certification test are globally available without restriction. 

They can be accessed 24/7.


The cost of the course for one delegate is GBP 25.00 (plus VAT where applicable). 


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This provides the delegate with:

- The eLearning Course

- A recognised certificate

- An entry in the EDMworks Certification Register

- The option to make this record public for job requirements

Course Contents


GDPR is a ground breaking regulation designed to fundamentally transform the protection of private personal data. It does this by granting several new rights to data subjects, empowering regulators with new oversight capabilities and mandating organisations to implement new processes and enhance data governance. GDPR is one of several factors impacting the way organisations must manage personal data. For this reason, the course is designed to describe GDPR within the broader context of managing data about people. The course explains the background to GDPR and its core content. The modules are:

Module 1: Setting the context for GDPR

This module describes the background to GDPR and describes the broader issues that are impacting the way organisations manage personal data. The contents of the module are:

- The Digital World, describing the different roles that people and organisations play together with their interactions and the involvement of 3rd party organisations

- GDPR, the intention. This describes the background to GDPR and its overall intention for how the EU sees the protection of data for its citizens.

- The broader context for managing data about people. It is important to put GDPR into the broader context of issues that organisations have to deal with concerning personal data

Module 2: GDPR explained

GDPR is a big regulation consists of 11 chapters with a total of 99 articles. The basic essence of GDPR is about protecting the privacy rights of individuals and ensuring that organisations respect those rights. The modules contents are:

- Why is a new data privacy regulation needed?

- How does GDPR affect you?

- The New Legal Framework for GDPR

- New Rights

- Data subjects, controllers and processors

- More on Data Controllers and Processors

- The Data Protection Officer

- Legislative authorities and powers

- Sanctions

On-line assessment. Scenario based multiple choice and matching questions.

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