Data Management Policy and Strategy

Data Management Policy and Strategy

An eLearning module addressing the following issues:

Data protection law is undergoing a major overhaul. You must be compliant by May 2018 otherwise you may face significant fines, sanctions and reputational damage.

It is one of many factors that will cause you overhaul your policies, strategies and governance for managing personal data.

Policies and strategies have often been developed in isolation with the consequence that business processes, data systems, oversight and accountability are not aligned. This increases risk, causes inefficiency, waste and excessive cost.

This course reviews the new regulation within the broader context of managing personal data. It describes alternative approaches to strategy and policy design to help you get the right approach for your organisation for GDPR compliance.

This module is part of the EDMworks Data Management Agenda for Privacy

Completion of the course will provide the delegate with:

- Background to the overhaul of data protection legislation and the rise of digital marketplaces

- Different options for policies and strategies for managing personal data

- Ways of evaluating your own organisation and selecting the right policy/strategy mix

The course is structured into the following components:

- GDPR Key Facts and Impacts eLearning course is included in this course for the basic content on rights, obligations, sanction etc. It is important to be familiar with the core concepts before attending the workshop.
- A half-day seminar format to discuss key concepts and approaches as detailed below

Duration and timing

The eLearning course takes 40-60 minutes.

The seminar duration is a half-day.

On-line certification

The eLearning module comes with an optional certification.

The seminar has an optional certificate of attendance.

Global availability

The course modules and certification test are globally available without restriction.

They can be accessed 24/7.


The cost of the course for one delegate is GBP 250.00 (plus VAT where applicable). This cost includes a licence for GDPR Key Facts and Impacts.


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Corporate Rates

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This provides the delegate with:

- The eLearning Course

- A recognised certificate

Course Contents


- Goals and objectives of managing personal data

- Engagement with customers and stakeholders

- Regulatory compliance (inc statutory)

- Risk management

The regulatory landscape for personal data

- The General Data Protection Regulation

- Related regulations

- Roles, responsibilities and accountabilities

Policies and purpose

- The objectives of policies

- Data Management Policy

- Records Management Policy

- Information Security Policy

- Aligning policies

Strategies for managing personal data

- Legacy systems

- Centralised approaches

- Federated approaches

- Hybrid

Selecting suitable strategy and policy mix for your organisation

- Legacy systems

- Evaluating capabilities

- Selecting the right approach

- Call for action

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