Changing Data Mindsets for GDPR

Changing Mindsets for Data

A half-day workshop addressing the following issues:

- Why do we have problems with data?

- We never get exactly what we need, the quality is not good enough, it takes too long, costs too much and nobody is accountable

- Every organisation struggles with data

Perhaps we are not 'seeing' data in the right way

- In today's data driven world, it is imperative that we communicate clearly and effectively about data

This course will help you see data in a totally different way, become more effective in working with it and communicating with others.

This workshop is part of the Data Management Agenda for Privacy

Completion of the course will provide the delegate with:

- An understanding of the current thinking about how the human brain sees the world and, in particular, how we 'see' data

- An understanding of the concepts of 'systems thinking'

- An understanding of the concepts behind self learning (human) systems

- The perception of data as being separate from process and function

- A better process for identifying and achieving data ownership

- Improved communication with data analysts and scientist to deliver systems quicker, faster, cheaper and more securely

The course is classroom-based

The duration of the course is a half-day workshop.

Classroom-based assessment

The class is interactive and feedback will be provided during the session.

On successful completion, a certificate of attendance will be issued.


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This provides the delegate with:

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Course Contents


- We look at the ideas of leading thinkers such as David Eagleman, Edwards Demming, Peter Senge and Sugata Mitra

- We explore the impact of 'command and control against 'bottom-up' or 'self-organised' driven change"

- We explore some data issues to get new perspectives around data and how to manage it

- In the data protection space, the course will give real insights into data and will provide sensible perspectives on issues like pseudonymisation and separation of control


- David Eagleman and others

- The world we see - our reality

- The world we don't see - the real world

- 86 billion and the connections from 0-25

- Learning to see what we currently don't see

Systems Thinking

- Demming, Peter Senge and others

- System thinking explained

- Command and control v bottom up

- How different industries view the future

- The learning organisation

Self organising and learning systems

- Sugata Mitra and the hole in the wall experiment

- Density and distance from the centre factors

- Learning without teaching?

The Nature of the Beast Called Data

- To control it, you have to understand it

- Data at the heart of the organisation

- There is less data than you imagine - ignore froth

- Data flows or data stores?

- Who owns the data? 

Some challenges with interpreting Regulation and Compliance

- Do regulators understand either data or technology? 

- Two scenarios on data pseudonymisation

- Separation of data by system or control

Ways Forward

- Strategy selection based on capabilty to execute

- Enhancing capability to lower thresholds

- Identifying/creating and enriching data assets

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