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Transform your Data Governance

Dennis Slattery, Founder and Chief Executive of EDMworks, specialist advisory firm for maximizing data value to your business.

Build your business on strong foundations. Discover how to protect and grow the value inherent in your data using a tried and tested approach.

Hello, I’m Dennis Slattery, founder of EDMworks. I have worked with large and small organisations over the last 25 years helping them design and build data systems to support their business goals, transform their organisations and satisfy regulatory needs.

In that time, three lessons stand out above all others:

  • First, people are more important than any particular technology. People make the difference. Human energy, creativity and innate ability – to think and adapt – make systems work.  
  • Second, too many organisations obstruct their people through conflicting policies and constantly changing priorities. “Tick in the box” mentalities and poorly digested regulation create uncertainties and drain human energy.
  • Third, organizational capability around data is deficient. Data lies at the heart of the modern business so the capabilities within the business must reflect the information needs of stakeholders.


Avoid failure from silo thinking! Successful governance comes from your organisation’s ecosystem. 

Thought leaders such as Edwards Deming and Peter Senge have shown how organisations adapt by collaborative working and increasing capability. We have built on those proven methods and provided new insights into data. With those insights you can form realistic plans to embed best practices and increase the capabilities of your business.

Download our White Paper and see how to transform your data governance by redefining and reskilling the organisation.

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